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Welcome, Initiate

Except, initiate isn’t quite right is it? Initiate implies that you’ve earned your place here – that you’ve been accepted into our ranks and that you have begun your training. That you’ve already put in the work.

And that just isn’t true.

Within these walls, I’ve sought to create something of value for an aspiring Sith. I wanted to create a place where effort is rewarded with knowledge, where a Sith who creates value also receives it. I’ve collected together the works of the Sith – every training course, every tool, every lecture, every scrap of knowledge.

Here, you have to earn your place. You’ll notice that most pages are locked off to you. As you progress at our Order, and slowly earn merit, more of the site will unlock for you – giving you access to higher level tools you’ll need to get to the nest stage.

Don’t worry about not being “ready” to contribute – you’ll never be ready. All I ask is for you to start – read our foundational material, speak to us on Discord, and once we think you’re ready, we will open you up to our wider circle.

Our Culture

For understanding how the Knights of Sith functions, and how to progress

Foundational Material

For understanding our view on Sith Realism, the dark side, and the code


Take our entry course: The Path of the Marked