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Jedi Council

Basic Details

About Organisation

The Jedi Creed

It’s about the Force, trusting the Force
Humbling yourself to follow the source
It’s about the Path, walking the Path
Faithfully treading on every act

It’s not about you, it’s not about me
It’s not about things we want to see
It’s not about catoring to what we please
It’s all about being…what we ought to be

So when we are humble, and when we are true
Focusing our lives on things we should do
The source will guide us throughout the course
For it’s not about us…

It’s about the Force

…Jedi Relan Volkum

What Did They Believe?

It was a role-playing forum formed out of several other smaller Star Wars chat rooms. Training was part Solo and part through apprenticeship. Mainly you explored the site, got involved in discussions, and would eventually find someone that would train you one-on-one. As far as ‘isms’ go it was mostly RPG-ism, but we see the beginnings and evolution into Jedi Realism.

What Was Their Inspiration?

It was still definitely an role-playing site based in the mythology of Star Wars, but the administrators also had the idea to teach real lessons for the real world, using Star Wars as parables for their messages.

It was basically proto-Force Realism, pushing the boundaries of the sites that came before to see whether their was value in living like a Jedi. Was this a real path? Could real lessons be learned?

History of Organisation:

“It started with role-playing chat rooms, which led to more permanent chat rooms (Jedi Alliance I & II), which then merged into the Jedi Council website.

 The Jedi Creed experience was an experience forever changing my lifestyle; it highly altered my process of cognition and perception. I believe it is hardly unreasonable to say the same for the other key members as well.

What made the experience so depthful was not just the circumstances of events, but the stimulations of growth. It required a three-dimensional thought process. At the time of the Jedi Creed’s inception, many outside our walls wrote works simply to share wisdom. Some would go far as plugging wisdom either into realistic or fantasy-related scenarios. Many people reading our work could only interpret us this far – whether it was humorously mocking Streen’s Vomitting – Disgusting, or Lesson on Life? or awing over Mitth’raw’nurida’s and Yoda’s collaborative quotefests (such as The Path of Darkness).

The key to our writing was always interrelated with our motto – “We hope to inspire you into realizing your abilities.” We did whatever we could to accomplish this. Sometimes the inspiration came from a repetition of quotes (“Unity is the key,” “Awareness is the key,” “It’s that courage to find the key”, “Who else has this key?”), the later use of ” ” instead of the Force, the creation of Jedi/Sith encyclopedias, a letter/word arrangement (Inspiration), and so on. Our depth was found when freedom to express without worries of popular-world criticism took fruition. Yes. A lot of media influences lumped us with the so-called Jedi Census phenomenon. Still, we kept ourselves focused on the result of our work, not the hype it may have caused (or is still causing).

It seems the hype has finally drifted into nothingness like it always does eventually. Thank goodness. Finally I can express my obligation to my fellow members by sharing some of our stories with you. All in this new-founded section.” –
Relan Volkum, Founder

Notable Members:

Relan Volkum, who would become one of the founding members of the Force Realism community.

Notable Conflicts:

It started as a lumping together of two popular Star Wars RPG chat rooms, but the founders had the idea that Star Wars could be used to teach real lessons. Not just the meditation techniques as taught on earlier sites, but real-life lessons that could be used in the real world.

Over time, this led to conflicts between the RPG community, and those that wanted more drifted to newer sites.

Predecessor Organisations:

Jedi Alliance and Jedi Alliance II

Successor Organisations:

Jedi Creed

Kronos’ Musings: In my eyes, Relan Volkum could be considered the proto-Jedi. He was part of that movement that in the early noughties sought more from Star Wars, using it as a parable to speak to larger truths. Our community was based in the RPG world, but Relan helped turn it into a true philosophy.

Lectures from Jedi Council: