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Jedi Lore

Basic Details

About Organisation

“Welcome to JEDI LORE. This is a page like no other on the Internet. The Star Wars universe is looking for Force Sensitive Adepts, who understand the true meaning of the Force. The Force what causes it? A question that has no answer. An answer that leads to more questions.

At Jedi Lore, you will learn about the SW universe and more importantly the Force. The Force is a river, and the Jedi are not the only beings with a cup. New to JEDI LORE is Jediscope. Here trained Jedi, learn more about their past and possible futures. Look towards the stars for answers.The “arrival” is over. DARK LORE is here.The final aspect of Jedi Lore, Jedi Holocron, is the connection between life and luminous beings of the Force. Gedi Lore explains about the SW literary universe, Knowledge of the Force begins your quest. Other Force adepts are a list of other Force sensitive sites, that you need to see. Pay attention to detail, but Ignore ignorance. Prepare yourself for the Jedi Trials. Your choices will tell which path you will follow. Beware of the Dark Side. Because the Force is here, the Dark side is also, as well as the light. Do or do not…There is no try. If you try, you fail. Mind what you have learned. Your first choice awaits you.”

What Did They Believe?

A fan site to Star Wars and the mythology, it offered an RPG training program from both Jedi and Sith. A Fan Site that inspired much more. We would call this Solo Training and RPG-ism. ” – Opie Macleod, Jedi Historian

What Was Their Inspiration?

The mythology and writing of the Star Wars universe seem to be the only inspiration for Gedi. He was a talented writer and was using the site as a testing ground to write his fan fiction.

History of Organisation:

Like The Jedi Praxeum, Jedi Lore asked the question; why couldn’t you live like a Jedi in the real world – what’s stopping us from building a philosophy around this?

Notable Members:


Notable Conflicts:


Predecessor Organisations:

Again, the site was fictional so didn’t offer what people wanted – a real training program to become a real Jedi in the real world. Also, the site didn’t offer any communication between the author and other students of the site.

By this time, chat rooms were starting to become big, and the lack of communication available is what eventually led to the site being abandoned by the Jedi community.

Successor Organisations:

N/A – Although most of the older members of the Force Realist community will have at least known of this site.

Kronos’ Musings: Although fictional, Jedi Lore offered the first glimpse of what a philosophy based on the Dark Aspect of the Force would look like. If the Jedi Praxeum was the “first Jedi site”, then Jedi Lore was the first Sith site.

Lectures from Jedi Lore: