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Relan Volkum

About Relan Volkum

One of the founders of what we today call Force Realism.

History of Relan Volkum

Nightflyer never claimed to be, nor wanted to be part of the Force Realism community. He was simply a massive Star Wars fan who wrote fictional works about the universe we all know and love.

Volkum was there at the beginning – at the turn of what was small groups of people Role-playing as Jedi, into taking it that step further and asking “These lessons have merit – why not apply them to the real world?”.


Jedi Council, Jedi Creed

Notable Quotes

It [The Force] is our greatest ally. Our strength, our knowledge, our wisdom. It is supreme. It effects us all differently, yet all the same. It lies within us as well as with us. It is one with us. We are one with it.

Lectures by Relan Volkum