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Second Dynasty


  • Who was the founder? Satelle
  • Founding Date: 2000
  • End Date: 2001



After ousting Moor’s First Dynasty, Satelle was in a strong populist position. Moor had purposely split the Dark Aspect into “awakened” and “unawakened”, to create conflict that promoted growth.

The Second Dynasty was radically different due to its use of populism; with “public meetings and proclamations” for everyone within the Aspect. Darth Satalle garnered so much support because so many were refused to be taught by the first dynasty, who instead conducted their real teaching in secret with a select few. This caused tension and jealousy between the two groups, as one wanted the knowledge of the other.

She had alienated most of Moor’s followers, however, and many left with Moor. What comes to mind for me, is the eternal struggle of the fictional Sith – how the weak students of the Sith would band together to take down the stronger Sith masters.

History, Beliefs, and Structure

Satelle was the second, and many of her ideas are displayed at the Fatum Operandi. Self-understanding is broken down into more levels than just spirituality by looking at the self as a whole—physical, mental, emotional, and how these fit together as well as external influences on the self among others. Efficiency and pragmatism come into the scope: reflection, analysis and improvement. Satelle doesn’t neglect the metaphysics, and I would guess she feels they were a factor in balancing and improving the whole, but they aren’t the emphasis as before.” (Marcar Tezroc, 2002).

I’ve seen it written elsewhere that the fundamental difference between Moor and Satalle, was that Moor was a witch, and Satelle was a scientist, and they both viewed the force and the Sith from that unique perspective.

During her reign, the cracks in the Dark Aspect between the two dynasties began to show, leading to Darkside Archetype Wars – the first Sith Civil War between three different factions; The Sith, Knights of Krath & Jensari.

Eventually, the Krath would emerge victorious, with Satalle champions the “Fatum Operandi” as a phoenix organization rising out of the ashes of the war, and merging the dark aspects again. A lot of the original lectures from the first dynasty are purged by Darth Satalle or deleted by the original author.


During their reign, Satelle began to grow disillusioned with the Force Academy and its hostility towards the Dark Aspect, as well as the structure of the Force Academy itself. Satelle and her followers also believed they had outgrown the fiction and outgrown the labels and distinctions between the “Light” and “Dark”.

In early 2001, Satelle and her Council decided to resign to work on the Fatum Operandi full-time. Satelle’s resignation letter.

She did not appoint a successor, but Richard Irvine stepped forth unopposed and thus began the Third Dynasty.

Kronos’ Musings: Satelle produced a lot of content, and I’m yet to go through it all – instead I’ll talk about something else that is equally important.

One of the most important aspects of the Force Academy is it’s ability to adapt to the times – to change completely depending on who is in charge. The Force Academy has dozens of different leaders throughout it’s lifetime. This is hard in an online forum, because who’s in charge is usually also in charge of the site. When Atlas left the Sith Order of the Suns – the site died with his absence. No new leader could step forward and take control.

The Force Academy is different, in that coups have precendent. It’s not unusual for the leader to be ousted and replaced, and the Force Academy has that precendent in place because of the first coup by Satelle.


The Second Dynasty later became the Fatum Operandi.