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The First Interregnum


The First Interregnum was a two year period where no leader was able to successfully implement a lasting training regime at the Dark Aspect of the Force Academy.


2007-2009 (2 years)



Emma Syncler



The age of silence, which had begun years before, was becoming obvious, and the population of the halls was, by now, waning significantly. Perhaps growing bored, perhaps in the hope of awakening the halls to new life, the master of the fifth dynasty sought to transfer power to two members of his council, one of whom was a notable student of the ways of the first dynasty. Yet he had not reckoned on earlier holders of power seizing control of the lecture hall, and preventing the establishment of the new council. His chosen appointees found themselves unable to fight their corner, and conceded defeat. As a consequence, no new dynasty has emerged. Perhaps there was insufficient energy within the community to begin a new era. The age of silence had extinguished the flame of the dark council. So began the interregnum” – Irvine

  • Around this time, the Force Academy had to switch forums – and Irvine didn’t come to the new forum, leaving the question of leadership.
  • When Irvine finally did step down, he did not elect a clear successor.
  • In the background, the community had been loosing members for some time now, and the constant replacing of the “Old Guard” meant there were very few original masters left.
  • After an impasse was reached where a new dynasty couldn’t be started due to the with-holding of forum functionality, the Interregnum had truly begun.
  • Emma Syncler, creates a self-help learning programme that doesn’t require any instruction from previously written material.
  • With no one stepping forward, Khaos puts himself forward as the Head of the Aspect – with no competition, he is elected Head of the Dark Aspect of the Force Academy.
  • The Sixth Dynasty has begun.


The First Interregnum actually had a surprisingly good body of work, taking from each of the dynasties that had come before.

First Day

Second Day

Third Day