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The Second Interregnum

What was it?

The Second Interregnum was a five year period where no leader was able to successfully implement a lasting training regime at the Dark Aspect of the Force Academy.

When was it from?

2013-2017 (5 years)

Who was involved?



William Kaede


James Eidolon


David Edge


What was the History?

I was only involved in the final act with David and Snowy, the rest of the story has been gathered through conversations with those involved.


  • Draconis is the Head of the Aspect of the 7th Dynasty – By this time he has become generally absent and unresponsive, which is starting to cause dissent within his Dark Council. For unclear reasons, Draconis removes all the members of his Dark Council and replaces them with just his apprentice, Mortose.
  • Mortose is the de-facto leader of the Dark Aspect, and is divisive for a number of actions that will later get her permanently banned.
  • Members of the Dark Aspect plot over months to oust Draconis, culminating in Draconis being overthrown and Luciana becoming the Head of the Dark Aspect.
  • Given the infighting within the Dark Aspect between Mortoses followers, Luciana’s followers and the rest of the Dark Aspect, Luciana quickly realises it’s a lost cause and abdicates in favor of William Kaede.
  • Kaede is the Head of the Dark Aspect, but after spending weeks fighting, realises he hasn’t got a plan and also abdicates due to the infighting, and abdicates in favour of Kiss.
  • Kiss becomes Head of the Dark Aspect.


  • Somewhere around this time, Mortose and her followers are permanently banned for a number of reasons.
  • Kiss’ reigns for around a year, and his reign is focused on an “embrace your evil” approach, similar to his first reign.
  • Due to continued infighting amongst the Dark Aspect, Kiss abdicates in favour of James Eidolon.
  • James Eidolon becomes Head of the Dark Aspect.


  • James Eidolon, who also couldn’t quell the infighting, created a programme very similar to Kiss and was the Head for around a year.
  • After becoming sick with the constant infighting, James Eidolon tries to hand over leadership to Mortose – who at this point had been banned for several years.
  • Khaos refuses, becoming the administrative Head of the Dark Aspect with the intention of holding power until things settle down.


  • With the support of Khaos and everyone within the Dark Aspect, David becomes the Head of the Dark Aspect. David’s reign will only last a month, and I think it is of particular importance given how well-respected he began and how dramatic the fall was.
  • At first, things are positive – The Dark Aspect sees a rise in numbers from new and returning members, and David introduces a popular new system of accountability for achieving your passions. Many members of the Order of the Sith join for the first time in years.
  • David promotes his friend, Vandor, the recent Head of the Light Aspect, to his Dark Council as a Dark Lord – the highest rank within the Dark Aspect. This infuriates many within the leadership of the Dark Aspect.
  • Luciana, now the leader of the Order of the Sith, is stripped of her Dark Aspect membership. This turns a lot of the members of the Order of the Sith (who are also members of the Dark Aspect) and many who are friends with Luciana, against David’s leadership.
  • Simultaneously, Vandor in his new position within the Inner Council is extremely active and combative in attempting to get permanent bans lifted. This is seen as an attempt to allow Mortose to return. This culminates in a complete reshuffle of each Aspects Inner Council members and turns the leadership of the other two Aspects against David’s leadership.
  • On a Friday, when David had limited internet access, Snowy reveals that David has been planning on replacing himself with Mortose within the year. She also reveals that David has been allegedly giving promotions to members who would be willing to support his attempts to allow Mortose to return. Snowy calls for a vote of no confidence, which wins by a large majority, and is installed as the Head of the Dark Aspect before David returns. David and Vandor are both stripped of their rank.
  • The Eighth Dynasty has begun.