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Over the last 20+ years, thousands of people from the around the world have come together to explore and develop Sith Realism.

Over that period, dozens of different branches of thought have been developed by multiple different groups. The internet is a fickle mistress though and most of those sites no longer work, so I’ve collected every lecture I could find in the hopes this knowledge will never be lost again.

Sith Organisations

Fatum Operandi

The Fatum Operandi was founded by Satelle after they felt they had outgrown the trappings of force realism during the Second Dynasty.

Sithist Cabal

The Sithist Cabal is founded by Seti,  in response to disillusionment with the Force Academy after a number of members were banned.

Draconis’ Blogs

Draconis, the founder of the Order of the Sith and a Head of the Dark Aspect, was a prolific writer, including writing his thoughts in a number of different blogs.

The New Sith Order

Founded by Darth Sanguinus, The New Sith Order is a semi-active forum dedicated to exploring Sith philosophy.

The Sith Holocron

Founded by Darth Silus, The Sith Holocron was a blog and forum dedicated to creating a philosophy for the Sith as envisioned in the fiction.

Order of the Sith

The Order of the Sith, founded by Draconis, is one of the oldest still-running Sith Realism communities in the world.

Dark Jedi

Dark Jedi was a blog detailing the thoughts of  Seti, one of the Heads of the Dark Aspect at the Force Academy.

Sinister Arcanum

A blog contributed to by a number of Masters of the Dark Aspect:

Order Supero Omnia

Thanks to Viperion for having the foresight to both save and share their archive!

Works by OSO


r/SithOrder as it stands today, was a Reddit group set up to explore the idea of fleshing out the fictional Sith into a real-world philosophy and power-base. Interestingly,  they developed completely separately from the rest of the force realist community.

Force Academy

The Force Academy is one of the oldest and most active Force Realism communities in the world.

Editor’s Note: The tradition at the Force Academy is for each new leader to reorganise the training system, which has led to the separate training systems being referred to as separate dynasties.

First Dynasty

Moor founds the Dark Aspect of the Force Academy, after helping to shape what the Force Academy would be. 

Moor’s work is very spiritual and New Age focused.

Works by First Dynasty

Second Dynasty

After ousting Moor, Satelle becomes Head of the Dark Aspect at the Force Academy. To differentiate between her and Moor’s work, the Force Academy begins to have “Dynasties” when a new leader takes over.

Satelle’s work is focused on general self improvement, and accepting both sides of yourself.

Works by Second Dynasty

The Second Dynasty later merged the majority of their work into the Fatum Operandi.

Third Dynasty

After Satelle left to focus on Fatum Operandi, Richard Irvine founds the 3rd Dynasty unopposed. 

Works by Third Dynasty

Fourth Dynasty

The Fourth Dynasty was led by Noel Vock, who believed in the strength of the pack rather than focusing on individual strength.

Works by Fourth Dynasty

Fifth Dynasty

The Fifth dynasty was led by Kissed by Shiva, who led a return to a more mythical and magickal Dark Aspect.

Works by Fifth Dynasty

First Interregnum

The Interregnum was period of inactivity for the Dark Aspect in which there was no Head, so a self-led training programme was put in place.

History and Works of the Interregnum

Sixth Dynasty

After the interregnum, Khaos took control of the Force Academy and founded the Sixth Dynasty.

Sixth Dynasty Archive

Seventh Dynasty

Draconis, the founder of the Order of the Sith took over control of the Dark Aspect of the Force Academy, founding the Seventh Dynasty.

Seventh Dynasty Archive

Second Interregnum

The Second Interregnum was a five year period where no leader was able to successfully implement a lasting training regime without being overthrown, before finally, Satelle took over the Force Academy.

History of the Second Interregnum


Some of the Heads of Aspects also had their own blogs where they explored their thoughts:

Jedi Organisations

As the community grew from nothing, many of those who would be Sith existed first on Jedi platforms. I’ve gathered all the relevant dark aspect material below:

The Temple of the Jedi Arts

The Temple of the Jedi Arts was built around the idea of learning real lessons from the mythos of Star Wars, including being the first site to explore Sith Realism.

Jedi Council

A role-playing forum that also explored what it would mean to follow a darker path.

Jedi Praxeum

An RPG site that grew into something more. For most, this was the beginnings of the Force Realist community.

Jedi Lore

The general opinion is that Jedi Lore was the first site to take the fiction from a realistic stand-point, to try and gleam real life lessons from a fictional source.

Jedi Academy

Unlike its other, more RPG focused sites, the Jedi Academy helped lay the foundations of Force Realism as we know it today.